The MOment before

J&O Creatives


How this began...

Since becoming a mother and having the privilege of teaching at a high school for the arts, I have been so inspired by the talent and dedication of young children turned artists. 

They use their imagination to create a world around them.  They find every tactic in the world to get what they want. They learn languages and understand right from wrong.  They explore each day like a new adventure. They do all of this while teaching me patience and showing me perspective everyday. Kids are brilliant and inspiring.

Having had the acting "bug" at a young age and spending most of my childhood in Children's Theatre, Dance, and Acting classes, I loved to perform, I loved the feeling of wanting to be on stage.  Later I learned how much my want was actual need.  The need to express myself.  

At J&O Creatives, we hope to instill courage, confidence, and professionalism in our young artists. We want to empower them to reach their full potential by pushing with positive reinforcement while showing them the importance of commitment and responsibility. We want to encourage them to take risks and learn to connect with songs, dialogue, movement, the camera, the reader and their peers through art.

We provide a safe space for them to find their bravery and give them permission to fall and fail with the power to get back up, and try again. We believe empowering these kids now is so important.

Whether your kids are pros or just starting out, we invite them to come join the team, create memories, take risks and make life long friendships! Exceed your limits. Feel Empowered. Be your best artist and enjoy every minute of it!


Katy Jacoby