"I was lucky enough to get to work with Katy right before a huge audition. I knew that she was a great actress and a really fun person, but I had no idea that she would help me more than I have ever been helped before. Working with Katy pushed me to my limits and out of my comfort zone with things I never thought I was talented enough to do, but Katy showed me that I was! She picked a song for me that I could sing and taught me how to perform it. Katy also coached me with my monologue. Using exercises that helped me and even homework to take home, she taught me to apply real life feelings to my acting which was the key to my success. I still hold onto that homework to this day. I hope that when I grow up, I can touch young actors lives like she did mine. I just love her."

- Riley Cummings, 14

"Working with Katy has been such an amazing experience! She really helps you to find something that you and your character have in common so you can dig deeper and continue to discover new things about them. She will not stop until YOU feel as though you have accomplished something great during your one-on-one. Katy has helped me so much with intention, character development, and tone. She rejoices in your successes and acting epiphanies with you, and there is no better feeling than when, after you know you killed it on a run-through, she feels the same too and jumps up and down with you!!I feel so blessed to have found someone who clicks with my learning style so well! Thank you for everything, Katy!"

- Annabeth Amarasuriya, 16

"It is such a privilege to get to share my experience working with Katy Jacoby.  She is absolutely fabulous and changed my daughter's life forever.  Katy privately coached my daughter in vocals and acting over a period of time, and in that time I saw that Katy was able to not only instill valuable skills, but also inspire a newfound confidence in her.  I watched my daughter go from feeling shy, to belting out custom picked songs that showcased her abilities and acting out her monologue as if it were made just for her.  She was able to move forward and audition feeling more prepared than ever.  Katy isn't just a coach...she knows how to communicate and relate to her  clients better than I have ever seen any kids theater company interact with my daughter.  Katy knows how to find the talent in your child and make it shine.  She knows how to get through to them under any circumstance...it's truly a gift.   My daughter loves her and will feel close to her for the rest of her life, and that to me as a mother is something rare in today's world.  I am forever thankful for what Katy's coaching and mentoring has brought to my daughter' life."

- Allison Kooiman, Parent

"Katy Jacoby is 100% committed to helping young people grow in their art. She is their greatest cheerleader and their most honest critic. As a parent, I appreciate that so much, and I know that my student is getting the best training and feedback possible!"

-Jamie Amarasuriya, Parent

“Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing Intensive. Lillie had a fabulous time. The two of you were so warm and genuine from the very start and as a parent that was extremely appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and we are so excited to see you again!”

-Kerrie & Lillie

“Although it has been only 2 days, she got complimented on her acting through her songs (and she was very proud to tell me so).  She was never able to fully convey her emotions through song in the past.Thanks again for 2 great weekends! Sienna learned so much from you and Kelley. I hope that she can apply her new knowledge to her audition this Thursday! 

Also, Sienna was confident to ask to restart the song because she messed up on a high note in A Whole New World, thanks to you and Kelley.  She would have never asked in the past and then be in tears afterwards because she was in a wrong key, missed a note, etc.”

- Harriet Ching

“Josh is now totally motivated to work on his dance skills. He came away from the intensive feeling really inspired to put in more time into dance so he could feel more comfortable learning choreography and dancing, in general. He’d recently started tap dancing lessons and has now added Broadway style and jazz into the mix. That is a pretty cool outcome, and I do think the supportive environment you created at the intensive contributed to his newfound determination. So, thank you!”

- Nina Mercer

“My child came away from this experience with such confidence and excitement about singing, acting and dance. We can't wait for the next intensive!”


“The teachers were nurturing, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable. The whole experience was very positive, and the classes kept my child thoroughly engaged and excited to work harder at her craft. Thanks to the intensive, she's much more confident about her singing, which was our goal.”


“The show was my favorite because it was very exciting seeing what my child learned--and it was immediately clear how quickly she'd already grown as a performer thanks to the guidance of the team.”


'“We really loved everything about this workshop. The instructors were knowledgeable, nurturing and constructive with their feedback and instruction. My daughter feels so much more confident in auditions now! Thank you!!”